Free salon software, Colavosalon
that 10,000 beauty salons chosen

You can finish appointment management and sales management with one app.

Service skill is nothing
without customers

Whether you're a hair stylist or a nail technician
You can only show your service skill to your customer
People who know it are already use Colavosalon

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Updated Sep 2019

Free salon software

for beauty professionals

You can use Colavosalon for 100% free now!

Appointment management is finished in just 10 seconds


Integrated calendar

Do you wrote your appointment schedule

here and there and just forgot?

Also you feel hard to coordinate

schedule management with your co-worker?

If you use Integrated calendar,

you can check and share your schedule easily.

* ‘Monthly calendar' will be supported later for Android.


Online booking

Do you feel exhausted

because of the booking request

that came regardless of the time?

Of course, it’s not easy to coordinate time

with customers, either. Right?

Now if you send the Booking link,

appointment is made at my possible time!

Automatic sales management


Sales management manager

Do you match the receipt

and book every single time

and browse for a long time to looking

for the past payment history?

If you leave it to

Sales management manager,

it arranges the checkout details

by customer and date automatically.


Sales report

'Has sales increased this month?'

'What kind of service did I do the most?'

You had to know,

but you were too busy to care?

At Sales report, you can check

the information you needed

* This feature will be supported later for Android.


Service calculator

For calculating the service price,

you have to consider from discounts,

taxes, tips and points!

It's too complicated, right?

Service calculator can add and subtract

easily by the menu you made previously.

Sensible customizable customer management


Service note by customer

‘What kind of style did she like?’

Recognizing and remembering customers

are the basis of customer care!

Before the customer is coming,

check the information

you have to know at

Service note by customer.


Contextual text message

Because you didn’t know

what should I say to customer,

are you staring at message box blankly?

Say the word worthy of any circumstance

by Contextual text message.

* This feature will be supported later for Android.

Micro homepage to invite your clients


Booking link

How can I get appointments

from multiple SNS in a easy way?

Insert the Booking link

to the most visible place online

like Instagram, Facebook, messenger and etc.

Just copy and paste. It’s done.


Salon introduction

You might be exhausted to answer

for same questions every time.

From contact, salon location, policy,

to the most important service menu and price!

It's the place to provide all information

about your service to the clients at once.

Supported service types

Every beauty salons that need to
customer management and operated
by booking system can use Colavosalon

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